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Lifted Lotus Yoga's - 200hr Yoga Certification Course 

Lifted Lotus Yoga- 200hr Yoga Certification Course Information

Next session begins September 14, 2024

Sign ups for the next session start May 2024

Hosted by Lacey Davis with guest teachers at Lifted Lotus Yoga Collective

Join us for a life changing experience!! At this accessible, in person 200 hour Yoga Certification Course you can expect a curriculum rooted in yogic teachings as we explore anatomy, philosophy, styles, techniques, and so much more. In this certification course you’ll gain an understanding of yoga, it’s practices and how to apply it to your life as well as how to guide others, if you choose. You’ll also find friendship and community as we connect and grow together through this transformative in person experience!

This training is open to everyone, from those who want to guide others and be instructors, to those who may want to just deepen their practice. Because yoga is for everyone and can be the vehicle we use to rise into our best versions.  
Lacey has 1000’s of hours of training with some amazing teachers like Alan Finger, Brett Larkin, Kristen Leal, Anodea Judith and Danni Pompulon, just to name a few. She also has years of guiding, mentoring yoga students/instructors and hosting yoga classes, workshops, and retreats. Practicing yoga since she was 23 and teaching since 2016 Lacey is ready to share her knowledge with other aspiring yogis!

Finding yourself inspired and interested in investing in yourself and your yoga practice?! Here’s the details…..

The Offerings~

Certified Yoga Teacher Course(CYT)- 200 hours of Study 

For the yogi who wants to teach! This course will take you through everything you need to know to hold a yoga class with confidence, understanding of the practice and authenticity. 

Benefits: Become a Certified Yoga Teacher, learn to lead with confidence, curate yoga sequences for dynamic, inspiring and unforgettable yoga classes, find your voice as a teacher, plus so much more. 

Yoga Teacher Refresher (YTR)- 200 hours of Study

For the yoga teacher who wants more. This course will guide you into the confident teacher you've been studying to be. We will work together to ensure you leave this course with confidence and an enthusiasm to guide others. 

 Benefits: Deepen Knowledge and understanding of the practice. Find your teaching voice. Learn how to teach off the mat, plus so much more. 

Advanced Yoga Course(AY)- 150 hours of study

For the yogi who doesn't want to teach but wants to go deeper into the practice of yoga. This course will give you the knowledge and the tools to take your practice to the next level. 

Benefits: Learn the philosophy, techniques and practices for a more purposeful life.

Sit In On Individual Modules- Hours of study vary depending on modality.

Sit in on and take any individual Module of this training course. Dive deeper into Anatomy, Philosophy, or The concepts of Teaching Yoga/Business of Yoga to deepen your understanding of these modalities.  

Benefits: Nerd out on your favorite subjects then bail on the rest! 


Requirements to pass course for AY Offering: 

  • Seva Offering (selfless service to the space)

  • Daily Asana Journal

  • 40 Day Meditation Log

  • Must attend 3 studio yoga classes per week  

  • 1 page final Essay

Requirements to pass course for CYT and YTR offerings:

  • All Requirements above plus...

  • All Homework and Quizzes complete with 70% or better

  • 3 Yoga class observations

  • 3x 30 minute practice teaching - peer reviewed

  • 1x 60 minute pre final teaching - trainer reviewed

  • 1x 60 minute final teaching - trainer graded

Course Layout

Hours of Study break down- 

For CYT and YTR- 130 in person study and 70 self study

For AY- 80 in person and 70 self study

Meeting times- 

Course offering starts September 14, 2024

Offering spans 15-16 weeks (depending on number of participants) 

Meeting every other weekend for about 7 months


The course is offered in this way to ensure integration of the material. Yoga is not a practice to be rushed and should be fully embodied. This also makes it accommodating to people with busy lives full of family, work and other activities.


Weekend Meeting Schedule-

Meeting Saturday and Sunday

Saturday: 11:30am-4:00pm 

Sunday: 11:30am-4:00pm 

Week 1- Opening Ceremony. Get to know each other. Define course work and expectations. 

Week 2-4 - Anatomy and Physiology. Posture Clinics. 

Week 5-8 - Philosophy and History. The Yoga Sutras and the 8 limb path, Chakras and the Subtle Body, Meditation and Chanting. Sutra Clinics.

Week 9-11 -  (Only CYT and YTR) Teaching Yoga. Sequencing, Theming, Trauma Informed Yoga, Types of offerings, the Business of Yoga, Teaching Etiquette and Cueing Clinics.

Week 12-13 - Pre Finals and Final classes taught. Turn in All course work. Graduation and Closing Ceremony. 



Investment for CYT:

$2000 ~ save $200 with early bird pricing $1800 until August 1, 2024 

Payment plan available

Nonrefundable Deposit = $500

Monthly Payments as low as $150 per month for 10 months

Certificate not received until payments are complete

Investment for YTR and AY:

$1500 ~ save $200 with early bird pricing $1300 until August 1, 2024

Payment plan available

Nonrefundable Deposit = $500

Monthly Payments as low as $130 per month for 10 months

Certificate not received until payments are complete

Investment for Sit ins:

Sit in on any module offered~ Anatomy, Philosophy or Teaching/Yoga Business

$400 per module

Scholarship Opportunity

Karma Yogis

This course will accept 1 Karma Yogi, a scholarship that will cover 100% of the investment for the CYT course. In order to receive this scholarship a 1 page essay will need to be submitted by July 1, 2024. This essay will answer the question:

What would I do with my Yoga Teacher Certification? 

Discovery Session

If this course sounds like the course for you and you would like to take the next step towards signing up for this life changing experience let's schedule a Discovery Session! In this session we will discuss your goals, expectations and make sure this is the right fit for you. To schedule a Discovery Session please contact Lacey by tapping the button below...

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